99 Mustang GT

Custom pearl-metallic grey "Cobra Fang" rally stripes to match 5 spoke wheels over stock white factory paint.


03 Audi A8L

Hot daily driver!  Black two-tone with gunmetal pearl grey center hood.  Pinstriped in red.  Red painted calipers.   Tinted tail lights.  Static drop.  Custom 20" staggered wheels.  All over factory silver paint.


63 Corvette

Complete factory silver paint.  Shaved emblems.  Owner did 90% of bodywork.



56 Corvette

Complete factory blue paint.  Owner did 90% of bodywork.


49 Merc

Flamed 49 Merc.  Rounded hood and door corners, shaved spotlights, parking lights, hood script.  Custom grille.  Shaved dash gauges.  Custom paint and flames.


92 Caddy Fleetwood

Caddy Brougham d'Elegance!  Removed original vinyl top.  Salsa red-pearl two tone over factory champagne paint.  Custom graphics on trunk lid.  Custom 20" wheels.  Complete air-ride installed.


64 Thunderbird

60's Inspired t-bird!  Shaved emblems off B pillar.  Gold boat flake with candy red/orange scallops on roof over factory red paint.



93 Chevy Tru-Fire Truck

Look close, you will not find a better tru-fire.  Shaved door handles, antennae, emblems, front bumper bolts, tailgate, bed stake posts.  Welded on rear rolled pan. Static drop.  Complete bodywork and paint with tru-fire flames and skulls.


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